As a Phoenix dies and then rises from it’s ashes…. Welcome Legion MMA!

A dawn of a new era has come upon us, we are proud to introduce to you LEGION MMA!
Hello To All,

First, let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Daniel Madrid, and I am one of the founders to Legion MMA (Previously known as Grace Fighting Systems Training Center). We have been operating as a mixed martial arts gym for over six years now. We started in a very humble 800sq ft. garage and have matured into the gym you see before you today. A lot of sacrifices have been made to make this dream a reality and looking back at it, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Mario Velez is the president of Legion MMA and without him, none of this would be a reality. Now let me help you get to know Legion MMA and what we’re all about!

Mario and I started this gym back in 2010 when we got tired of being let down and having to deal with the frustrations of having to go gym to gym just trying to find a place to call home and train at on a regular basis, introduce Grace Fighting Systems Training Center. GFS’s name came from a fallen comrade who had the same dream as our own and was planning on being a part of this dream that we are fortunate to call our own these days. And for six years we have had the privilege to teach and train beside some of the best athletes Arizona has to offer! We have molded fighters into champions, I should know because I am one of those fighters lucky enough to have the superior coaching staff that has allowed me to become a champion in multiple MMA organizations! We also have Jiu Jitsu athletes that place on the podium time and time again in some of the most prestigious tournaments that Arizona and the country has to offer!

Now you may be asking yourself, “If you’ve had such great success, why even bother with the renaming of the gym?”. Well, there are multiple reasons to what brought us to this conclusion, but let me name just a few so you can understand our choice. We named our gym after our friend Edward Grace, we believed that his last name would stand out and give such a strong definition to what GFS was all about. Unfortunately, the name “Grace” and “Gracie” are very close and can be misinterpreted when first read, this was an ongoing problem of ours. Imagine having to correct someone that your name is Daniel and they would continue to call you Danny time and time again, it becomes very frustrating after awhile. Another reason was that we didn’t want to just switch the name because people would commonly mistake us for a Gracie gym, but also we want to create our own legacy through our own name, we’re not trying to piggy back off of anyone else’s success.

With the beginning of a new location, new name, and a rejuvenated sense of moral, we’re ready to begin our journey with Legion MMA! To create a gym that just doesn’t focus on any one individual, but to focus on the entirety of what our gym stands for; We Are One!