So, you think you can H.I.T. huh?

Let’s meet the Women’s H.I.T. Instructor, Coach Toni Luster!

Starting a class and building it up to become successful is extremely difficult. You have to offer a solid product that people are going to continue to want, and that is always changing with the times. But luckily for MMA, our products that we offer change very little, what draws people to an individual gym are the coaches for the most part. The gym, the atmosphere, the people, ect. all have a part to play in the choice of gym don’t get me wrong, but really it’s the coach and what knowledge they bring to the table is the determinating factor in that equation.

Coach Toni Luster came up with the idea of running a free women’s H.I.T. (High-Intensity Training) program to draw a new crowd to the Legion arena. Since starting the program almost 3 months ago, Coach Luster has doubled the size of her class and continues to bring in new women looking to try something new in their fitness regimen. Toni runs an educated class, but also allows her students to relax and have fun with the workout! Her H.I.T. program allows women to get a great workout in without stressing their bodies out to the max!

Toni came to Legion back when we were still Grace Fighting Systems Training Center. She had brought her son in to take some of the kid’s Jiu Jitsu classes that we offer, and after being there awhile and talking with Daniel and Mario, they decided she would be a great fit for the team as the front desk manager. Now, if you’ve ever trained at GFS/Legion, you would know that Professor Daniel Madrid can be kind of pushy when it comes to people “debating” about whether they should train Jiu Jitsu, and this is where Toni found herself. Professor Madrid kept pushing Toni to take the class as she not only needed Jiu Jitsu as a stress relief but also to help educate future clients on what to expect when coming to train in Jiu Jitsu for the first time. Having some fears of taking the class and being in so close quarters with other people is an understandable emotion and Daniel completely understands that, but it doesn’t stop him from putting people in the most frustrating and stressful situations. He does this because he believes that everyone can overcome their fears or problems if just given a little time to figure it out, and Toni did just that.

Toni is now a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu under Professor Madrid and she is also one of the instructors for the intro to Jiu Jitsu classes that we offer here at Legion MMA! She’s found a passion for being a coach and helping others, it’s her way of giving back to others what she received when she first started out in mixed martial arts! We’re very proud of how far Toni has come into her own MMA journey, but we’re extremely honored to have her a part of the Legion MMA Team and grateful for all of the hard work she does for our gym!