What a Grand Opening!

    Waking up early and staying late into the night to work on the gym to get it all prepped for its grand day was all worth it in the end. We expected a good amount of people to show up from all of the word of mouth we did and the handing out of fliers, but man we got a lot more than we could have imagined! Every seminar had double, if not triple the amount of people we thought would be there! We’re very proud of all our volunteers and instructors for the amazing jobs they did! We would like to give a special and very LOUD thank you to our front desk manager Toni Luster and our General Manager Nora Madrid for the amount of work they put in and for being the glue that holds this entire thing together! Mario and Daniel’s dream of opening an Academy that not only suits the needs of an elite athlete but also meets the standards of our other members who have made mixed martial arts part of their lives, as well as their families, has finally come true and we’re all thankful to be a part of their dream! Take a look at a few of the pictures to see exactly what we’re talking about! Make sure to come down to Legion MMA and see what all the talk is about!