Jonathon Caraveo Kid's Jiu Jitsu Coach

Pre-Teen/Teen Kid’s Jiu Jitsu Coach

Jonathan Caraveo is a BJJ Blue Belt under Professor Daniel Madrid, he is one of the coaches to the teens program. Fed up with the stagnant progression and mundane routine of basic weight training, Jon although apprehensive, decided to give Jiu Jitsu a shot. He tentatively rolled into a boxing gym that held Jiu Jitsu classes twice a week. It was here that his passion for Jiu Jitsu sprouted, instantly he was hooked! A new challenge, a new hobby, but most importantly a new cohort of amazing friends! Jon is an active competitor under Professor Madrid and has been for the past three years. Jon has amassed thousands of hours on the mats and countless matches on the competitive scene. Along the way, he has claimed a silver medal in the 2016 Warrior Challenge at at 150 lbs Amateur Division. Jon has also added 4th place in the 168lbs Adult Blue Belt Division in the 2017 Jiu Jitsu World League Los Angeles Super Championship! Coach Caraveo is a huge asset to have to our kid’s program having the success it has had!